CBD Dosage Guidelines

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Any type of Cannabis therapeutics is highly personalized, and the most effective treatment regimen depends on the person and condition being treated.  It is important to observe your personal response, and listen to your body as you find your optimum health.

Decide how you want to take CBD/Delivery System

cbd dosage guidelinesCBD hemp oil comes in a variety of concentrations and forms and can be taken or ingested in several different ways such as orally which can be absorbed while still in the mouth through the oral mucosa (sublingual, liquids, or partially chewed edibles) stomach, or in the small intestine (if swallowed in capsule form) most edibles tend to be absorbed a little in each area. The Benefits of CBD can also be derived topically (lotions, salves, sprays, roll-ons.)  Or can be delivered through the lungs via Vaporizers similar to e-cigarettes.

Regarding the onset of action, effect and length, inhaled CBD is the quickest and good for treating acute symptoms that require immediate attention, as is the Sublinqual route, the effects can be felt within a few minutes and typically last for a couple of hours. The effects of orally ingested CBD take longer, with sublingual delivery being the fastest within minutes, whereas swallowed products usually take effect within 20-90 minutes but lasts longer, generally four to eight hours.

Upper GI Irritation

Nausea take ingested  with target absorption to be in mouth and, stomach, small intestine

Lower GI issues/Chrones

Capsule with target absorption in the stomach, Intestine

Anxiety or other conditions needing quick reliefSublinqual or Vape

Sublinqual or Vape


cbd dosage quote by joyceln eldersCannabidiol products are not yet standardized and have varying amounts of CBD. It is critical to ascertain the milligrams per dose and understand that products and doses vary between delivery system and brand used.

CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement and there are no official recommendations on dosage, but there are some roughly estimated reports of effectiveness (generally between 10-100mg/day) based on patient reports and testimonials.  All products should be cautiously titrated to individual response, regularly re-evaluated, with some recommendations not to take longer than 4-6 weeks. Our recommendation is that you work closely with your health care provider with special caution if you have any medical conditions, or are on medications.

Per FDA guidelines, we are absolutely not permitted to make any recommendations.

  • Pain 2.5mg to 25mg/day
  • Glaucoma 20-40 mg/day (maximum)
  • Epilepsy 200-300 mg day (under care of specialist only, as seizure meds can be altered with CBD)
  • Multiple Sclerosis 2.5-120/day (best sublingual)
  • Sleep disorders 40-titrate
  • Schizophrenia 40 -titrate

Nano Technology

An emerging concept, is the consideration of Nano Technology.  Which increases the Bioavailability by 10!  So if its “Nanoed” it is amplified X 10!

E.g. a dose of:





Always start low and go slow!

  • Begin with a low dose especially if you have little or no experience with CBD, are on any other supplements, medications, or have medical or psychological conditions.
  • Titrate the dosage up or down, shorter or longer between dosages, Titrate per effect.
  • Don’t overdo it “Less is more” is often the case with CBD or cannabinoid products.
  • Cannabis products have Biphasic properties which means that low and high doses of the same product can have opposite effect, in general small doses tend to stimulate large doses can sedate.
  • Take a few small doses (i.e. 2-5mg per dose) spread out over the course of the day rather than one large dose.
  • Use the same dose for several days, try to take it around the same time as you observe the effects.
  • To take with food or not? The key is consistency, and learning your bodies nuisances, if you take it on an empty stomach it may work quicker and wear off faster, if you take it on a full belly it may take a little longer to absorb but last longer, just learn your body.  CBD is a fat soluble substance.
  • Good general recommendation is to take with a glass of water.
  • If changing to a new delivery system, or changing to a new product, make sure to closely observe your physical and mental response.
  • Don’t worry too much, just pay attention to your body and how it responds to any kind of supplementation.

Consider Side Effects/Interactions

Note other medications or substances that you may be consuming, and consider if there is any “enhancement” while using CBD.

While CBD is not known to have side effects, and has never been associated with an overdose, it in theory could affect other medications your taking, mostly making them more effective, but could rarely make them less effective, so it is important to pay close attention to your body, and patterns.

Of note, if you’ve been told not to take grapefruit products with your prescribed medications, talk to your Doctor before using CBD, as it can affect the CYp450 and CYB3A isoforms.

As with any supplement proceed cautiously, especially if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are taking other medications.

Notify and work with your health care provider if consuming any supplements. Educate yourself and understand that because of the rapidly evolving research, Cannabis Therapeutics are not widely accepted or yet well understood.  We atCare BDoctors have Experts to communicate with you or your provider if they prefer and share their most up to date knowledge.


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